Monday, March 22, 2010

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Day by the Numbers

Brush teeth for 2 minutes.
Drink 1 pot of tea.
Eat 3 squares of lavender chocolate-secret treat.

Lower 3 shades in her room.
Open 2 curtains in his.
Hug each child 2 times. (Remember they need at least 12 hugs each day.)

1 TBSP of fish oil &
1 TBSP of Vit. B in the fruit smoothie for the boy.
12 cashews for her and 1 pop-tart or 1/2 a bagel with cream cheese smear.

For me, drink 36 oz. of water.
Eat, 1 slice of toast
1 TBSP of sunflower butter.

The ride to school arrives at 8
The late bell rings at 8:30
Write until 11:30 ~ 3 hours equals 7 pages

70 minutes of yoga
Home by 1:30
Answer 3 emails, Read 3 web sites

Leave for pick up at 3:00.
Get 3 kids in car by 3:30
Home by 4. Dinner at 5

Hugs. At least 8.
"I love you's" sprinkled around.
Homework 1 hour. 1 glass of wine.

Tae Kwan Do at 6:30
The boy needs 60 minutes of cardio exercise 5 days a week.
Read to her for 30 minutes.

Bed at 8:30. Go over 12 hug min & hug them until they protest.
Read for 1 hour while she falls asleep against my shoulder.
One essay. Three chapters of a novel. Hug son 5 more times before 9.

50 kegals
Brush teeth for 2 minutes.
Fall asleep after 5 deep breaths.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Six Percent

When it comes time for a birth mother and her relinquished child to reunite, only six percent of the birth mothers will reject their child become adult. Six percent! That means 94% of the birth mothers will eagerly embrace their lost child.

This astonishing number was provided to me by an expert on reunions, Nancy Verrier. Nancy is the author of Primal Wound and Coming Home to Self. Both are wonderful, insightful instruction manuals that I heartily recommend.

If you are thinking about finding your birth mother, or about reunion or about adoption or about all of this, there is a discussion board over on the new Facebook fan page. Type in Jennifer Lauck Fan Page, become a fan and join in.

See you there.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Wave of the Future

I'd like to ask my fans, all who come to this site, to also join me over at Facebook! Blogs are great and I can post longer information here--excerpts from books and even do some fresh writing, but when it comes to a daily connect with Fans. I find Facebook is really groovy. If you are on Facebook, join me at the Jennifer Lauck Fan Page .

Become a friend and stay connected with what's going on!

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blog Update

You'll note, down the right side of the page, all the archives are updated and available again. There were some odd bugs and really odd comments but all that's been edited out and taken care off. So, for those who are looking for past posts, you'll find them here.

Next, there will be a new format of conversation for subscribers in the form of a monthly newsletter which will be posted each month. If you are on our list, we'll send you a copy starting in April. Thank you for those who continue to come to the site and those who send letters! Everyday, I get a new message. They are all so welcome.

Last and best of all, yes, there is a new memoir and it is titled Bye Bye Blackbird. Think of that old song with Joe Cocker singing the tune and you've got it. "Pack up all my cares and woe, here I go, bye bye Blackbird."

This succinct little book (just 165 pages) has been long in coming and I confess that I consider it to be the truest sequel to Blackbird. Blackbird ends with a child truly lost, even as she is delivered into the custody of a grandfather. The printed sequel of Still Waters attempted to give some satisfying sense of that child, grown into a woman, being found was largely forced in an effort to capitalize on the success of Blackbird. Still Waters is a fine book, one that has some great moments but due to a rushed printing-it is also sloppy with print errors. Additionally, the arc of the story is lost into questions surrounding my adoptive brothers death when I should have been more focused on my own quest for home and what was missing within, that true sense of self. Unsatisfied is how I, as the writer, have always felt about Still Waters. This unsatisfying feeling ultimately worked to my advantage because it drove me to continue along the path-albeit a blind, dark path-until I achieved a true state of lasting satisfaction.

Over these last five years, I have acheived the "found" state of being via a journey that took me deep into the heart of Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice and then into the search and discovery of my birth mother and family. Bye Bye Blackbird is the yummy and satisfying end to the story of being broken.

So where is it, you may ask? (And based on the letters you send, you are asking!!)

At this time, my literary agent works miracles trying to sell Bye Bye Blackbird to a publisher in NY in order to go the most mainstream route. If we find a good partner to take up the reins of the project, good enough. If such a partner cannot be found, other paths and opportunities are available. No matter, a strong faith burns within and I know Bye Bye Blackbird will be out and available in due time.

Who knows what is possible? It is a new day in publishing and there are many channels to reach out to you, the reader. Please keep tuned to the site for developments.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Right Writing Class?

Each week, I get a letter from a student asking advice on classes and what I recommend for the memoir writer.

I thought I'd pull together a few guidelines that are especially vital for those who are just stepping into the process of writing about a life experience.

1) Search for professionalism and exceptional talent�in equal measure.
2) Try to study in a collegiate program�PSU, PCC, or an MFA.
3) If a collegiate program isn�t available, study with a published writer you admire. Published means in a journal, magazine, via a college press or with a major press.

WARNING: If you must take a grassroots, home-based teaching, with an unpublished writer�be on alert.

When one begins her memoir-writing journey, she is as tender and as fragile as a new bloom arising from the wet earth. She is like an orchid. So delicate. And, as she writes her life, the writer also cracks open her greatest sorrows and deepest wounds for another to view.

What could be more frightening?

So often, this very act of opening becomes the fodder and fuel of the unskilled teacher, and fellow minions, who then launch an ego trip at the writer's expense. The result is to waste time, money and emotional energy.

In my most humble view, a writer sells herself short when she puts herself into the hands of the unskilled. Writers of memoir must treat themselves with great care throughout the writing process. I encourage writers to be the mother they wanted for themselves and to find the courage to act as their own best advocate in self preservation and protection, especially when attending groups of want-to-be writers and untested teachers.

Not even a well-published author knows more about you and your journey than you do. Be tough on your teachers. Demand excellence. You won't be sorry.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

New Memoir??

You may have noticed that I am not writing much about my new book. Is it out? Is it coming out? What's it called? What's it about?

Well, the manuscript for the memoir about my journey to a sense of final wholeness (and how that came about) is in NY as I write this and activity is brewing around possible publication. I have titled it Bye, Bye, Blackbird and it is a stand alone story that has me go the distance to find my birth mother and family. I write of healing, transcendence and a catharsis of self that I have been actively searching for for nearly fifteen years.

It is a very odd publishing market right now but I have a sense of optimism and hope. As soon as I know the progress of the situation, I will post on the sight.

Your prayers and blessings are so welcome.

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