Sunday, February 07, 2010

Adopting Haitian Children

I receive calls, asking what I think of the children being taken from Haiti. As a woman with a history of being adopted, twice, I suppose I have a level of experience.

But it isn't a very deep level. I am not a woman living in Haiti, being pressured to give up my baby due to my challenges with poverty, homelessness and perhaps grave injury. Nor am I an orphan in Haiti.

Having said that, I know that I would not want to be taken from my people under these or any conditions. As a baby, I did not want anyone but my own mother. I am clear about the biological truth of that statement. As a woman, I have only found peace by knowing my birth mother. I know I am part of my birth family, as well as a part of their fate.

What is true for me is true of all human beings. No matter how dysfunctional or disturbed or poor, you cannot discount the genetic truth of who we are and what matters to each of us as human beings.

I believe the children of Haiti must stay in their country and with their people. They need their culture and rituals and homes. If we, American's, want to help--we should send funds and blankets and ideas. We should send man power to rebuild and empower the people of Haiti. We should not increase their sorrow by taking away the children.

How many countries sent adoption emissary's to the U.S. during 911? Or Katrina? How would we, as U.S. citizens feel about babies and children being distributed before the dead can even be counted? How would you, as a mother, feel to know your children are gone?

What we do, in the name of being helpful, is to bring great suffering to ourselves and to the children of Haiti. I beleive what is happening is quite self-serving and wrong.

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